Allstyle Open rules

OBSERVE! Class 1 - Knockout is allowed as a match winning event. 2 counts to the head in the same round means automatic TKO - technical knockout.
The mat: 8x8 meters
Match time: 2x2 minutes (1 minute rest inbetween rounds)
Referees: 2 alt. 4 point judges, 1 ring referee. Point judges keep count using clickers. On the ring referee's command, point judges will display red or blue hand to signify the winner. Crossed arms signify a tie.
Youths 14-16 years - punches to the head are not allowed
Point scale
Punch to the head(in classes which allow these) 1 point
Punch to the body 1 point
Punch to the arm 0 points
Kick to the body 2 points
Kick to the head 3 points
Kick to the thigh 0 points
Sweep without follow-up 2 points
Sweep with follow-up 3 points

For points to be awarded, a technique must be deliberate and connect. In other words, the technique must not die at its target. Techniques against the body are counted from the collar bone down to the waist, as well as along the back of the arms when they hang free along the sides. The only legal target surfaces are the ones mentioned above.
A fighter may be knocked down by techniques to the body after a count, and will then be judged technically insufficient. If a clear inequality of strength exists between fighter A and fighter B, and there is an obvious risk of injury, the ring referee can and shall interrupt the match, and declare the stronger fighter winner.
Techniques against the head resulting in knock out will result in double disqualification. A fighter who deliberately delivers techniques with the intent of knocking out the opponent can and shall be warned or disqualified. An exception to the knock-out to head rule is the mubo-bi-situation, which is when fighter A can not possibly interrupt an already begun technique and fighter B's movement increases the force of the technique delivered
A warning will be given if a fighter steps outside the mat and results in point deduction the first time. If the mat is fled more than three times in one round, the result will be disqualification. A warning will also be given for poor sportsmanship and the use of an illegal technique. In severe cases, these rule violations will also result in disqualification.
Clarification of rules
If a fighter is knocked down, a match doctor will be called if it is deemed necessary by the ring judge - the match doctor has both the right and the responsibility to interrupt a fighter's further participation on medical grounds, if the fighter is seriously injured. The ring judge will deliver reprimands via warnings: 1 point warnings, 3 point warnings or disqualification, if the opponent has been knocked down by an illegal technique.
Fighters intending to participate in class 1 should be prepared that contact during a match may be hard. They should be technically and physically trained  so that they can uphold a good defense throughout the match. Class 1 fighters must verify their competitive records to event organisers.
Athletic supporters and mouthguard are personal equpiment. All other equipment will be provided by the event organiser.
Fighters' clothing should be intact, clean and representative of the fighting style. If there are any doubts regarding appropriate clothing, contact the event organisers.