Many fine Martial arts profiles has competed in Allstyle Open or it’s associated brands at some stage of their career. The new and revised ALLSTYLE PRO has grown out of popular demand. The PRO format focuses mainly on international bouts and makes for great fighting with participants from all kinds of Martial arts. 

These matches can either be held on a elevated platform or in a boxing ring! The fight last for 3x3 minutes with 1 minute rest between rounds. It allows knees and is fought with out shin and foot protection. 


 Hall of Fame

Some of legends that have passed through Master Cup – Challenge Cup and Allstyle Open: Jörgen Kruth – Martin Holm – Nils Widlund – Sadibou Sy – Björn Kjöllerström – Paul Doumbia – Paolo Roberto – Maria Elin Olsson – Lina Länsberg – Meran Zangana – Attila Gombos – Stephen Tapilatu – Tomaz Barada – Robert Rennel – Ola Ahlvarsson

Nils Widlund