Allstyle PRO Rules

Match area: 8 x 8 meters (raised platform)
Match time: 3 x 2 minutes with 1 minute rest between rounds

4 point judges and 1 ring referee.
Point judges keep track of the number of hits using clickers.
The total result from all rounds are added and the fighte with the most points wins the vote of the judge.
In order to win, a fighter must have at least 2 judges on their side.
Judges 1 and 2 call a tie with their arms crossed. Judges 3 and 4 call blue victory. Blue has won.
If there are three tied votes and one blue, the match is extended. A fighter must win by two votes.
If the point judges cannot declare a winner after an extension, the ring referee will declare victorious whichever fighter he considers to have been most active.
Point scale
Punch to the head 1 point
Punch to the body 1 point
Kick to the body 2 points
Kick to the head 3 points
Sweep without follow-up 2 points
Sweep with follow-up 3 points (marked punch to the felled opponent's body)
Punches and kicks to the arms and thighs are allowed, but no points are awarded for these.
Knee to the body 2 points
Knee to the head 3 points
Knees may also be delivered in a clinch, but only one knee per clinch situation(maximum 3 seconds).
For points to be awarded, a technique must be deliberate and connect. In other words, it must not die at the target.
Fleeing the mat
If a fighter treads outside the mat, a first warning will be given, reducing the fighter's score by one point. A second warning carries three negative points and a third warning results in disqualification. At the start of each new round, the warnings are reset to zero. However, a fighter may only receive one informal warning(no point reduction), after which only warnings will be given for the rest of the match.
10oz gloves - will be provided by the event organiser
Mouth guard and athletic supporter - must be provided by the fighter
Wrapping the hands is allowed
Fighters' clothing should be intact, clean and representative of the fighting style. If there are any doubts regarding appropriate clothing, contact the event organisers.